As in step with the announcement made by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, the release process in the National Capital has all started from June 7, 2021, with extra relaxations given to the residents of Delhi. As the country noticed a decline withinside the sparkling covid-19 cases, the government decided to unlock the lockdown in Delhi regularly by permitting the construction of work and re-opening of the factories from May 31, 2021. As the next step to unlock the National Capital, the Chief Minister informed on June 5, 2021, that the lockdown will remain in the state with extra relaxations in different activities and markets and malls will be allowed to open on an odd-even basis. The lifeline of the National Capital, Delhi Metro, has additionally been permitted to characteristic in a certain capacity. While addressing the press conference, the Chief Minister had stated that the lockdown will continue in Delhi by easing up at the few restrictions.


  • While bringing up that the lockdown in the city will continue, the Chief Minister informed that there will be relaxation in certain activities. He added that malls and markets may be permitted to be opened on an odd-even basis in Delhi.

  • The stores in the malls, markets, marketplace complexes, standalone shops, and neighborhood shops will be permitted to open from 10 am to 8 pm from June 7, 2021. 

  • Lockdown will continue with extra relaxation in other activities. Markets, department stores to be opened on an odd-even basis.

  • According to the circular, since the liquor shops in Delhi aren't on the prohibited list in the original curfew order dated until April 19, 2021, therefore, it will likely be allowed to operate on an odd-even basis and within the prescribed timings. 

  • The revenue services in the district-like registry will be functional as well as the e-commerce activities will also continue.

  • Self-employed people including plumbers, electricians, and repairing of water purifiers are already allowed with DDMA order dated April 25, 2021.

  • Delhi Metro will be resumed with the 50% capacity: The lifeline of the National Capital, Delhi metro, will be permitted to function at 50% capacity. It will bring certain rest to the regular commuters residing in Delhi-NCR. 

  • Private offices will function with 50%: In the latest guidelines, the Chief Minister announced that the private workplaces in the metropolis will be permitted to function with 50% staff. In Government offices, Group A group of workers of government offices can be allowed to function with 100%, group B with 50% staff. The private offices will be allowed to function with 50% staff.

Group A staff of government offices will be allowed to function with 100%, group B with 50% staff.

The Chief Minister while making the announcement said that the unlocking focus, initially, maybe on the everyday wagers and the sectors that contain everyday wage laborers, and they may be generally observed in the factories and construction fields. He further informed that the Construction activities & the factories will be reopened with the everyday wage workers in mind.


As per the Delhi Government, cinemas and theaters, restaurants (besides home delivery/takeaway), gyms, bars, barbershops, spas, beauty parlors, saloons, or any other store bearing on the amusement/entertainment services have not been permitted to operate. The choice regarding their opening could be taken soon through the Kejriwal government. Schools, colleges, and different educational institutions will continue to remain close in Delhi.

The curfew on movement will stay enforced but isn't expected to have much significance as people going out for permitted activities (like opening shops, markets) will be exempted. Kejriwal stated that the restrictions may be further relaxed if the Covid-19 scenario continues to stay under control going forward. Some relaxations are given maintaining in thoughts to bring the economy back on track. It is to note that the lockdown was imposed on April 19, as the metropolis registered 23,686 cases. Delhi had recorded its maximum ever tally of 28.395 cases on April 20. On May 3, Delhi observed the highest range of deaths as 448 people died due to Covid-19. During the month of May, the positivity rate went as excessive as 36.24 percent.

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Damini Nagar
B.A LLB from Indore institution of Law

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