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FSSAI Registration
( Easily Register your Food Business)

FSSAI Registration

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority) License

The FSSAI license, which is likewise called as the Food License is one of the compulsory licenses essential to open a restaurant and is obtained from the FSSAI Registration(Food Safety and Standard Authority of India).

FSSAI is an independent organization which is established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. It was formed in August 2011 under the provisions of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006. It was in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, as well as the Central government. 

FSSAI license mostly serves as the approval of the authority towards the restaurant which makes certain the consumers that the food of the restaurant confirms the food safety standards. FSSAI license is mainly a unique 14 digit registration number that is given towards restaurants, manufacturers, and traders which must be printed on the food packages. This upholds the consumers that they are eating at the right place which followed every of the safety food standards.

Who Should Obtain FSSAI Registration?

The individuals or entities that are eligible for an FSSAI Registration or License include:

  • Every type of Food Manufacturer.

  • Food Packaging unit or Storage unit.

  • Wholesaling or Trading or Online Food Business Operator.

  • Caters, Hotel or Raw material supplier.

  • Exporter and Importer of food products.

  • Transporter as well as Distributors.

  • Retailers of Food Product.

Why is the FSSAI Registration Required?

A trader, operator, entrepreneur which is carrying out any food-related business, etc. food manufacturing, processing, storage distribution, sale of food products it is compulsory for him towards getting an FSSAI Registration License.

It is properly working of such business is supervised through FSSAI. Its registration means the food is safe for consumption. Verification is carried out by FSSAI officer during the registration. If you have obtained the license means that your registration is successful. So the Food license is a mandatory requirement for food operators as well as traders. This license meant the food is chemically verified.

FSSAI Registration/License Types

The food business operators shall be given a 14 digit number by FSSAI after successful completion of the registration procedure. The FSSAI Registration was divided into 3 categories relying on criteria of business turnover. There is an additional criterion for obtaining registration or license. This criterion is dependent upon the production capacity of the food business unit regardless of the turnover of the business. The Food Processing Units, Slaughtering Units, Meat processing Units are allotted their registration or license dependent on the latter criteria.

  • Basic FSSAI Registration - Basic FSSAI Registration is mandatory for petty food business operators. It is also recognized as the Basic FSSAI License. The turnover of such business must not go beyond the limit of Rs. 12 lac per annum. A petty retailer shall include hawker, itinerant vendor or temporary stallholder.

  • FSSAI State License - FSSAI State license is mandatory for business with turnover between Rs. 12 Lac to Rs. 20 Cr. annually or/additionally. The turnover limitation is the same for an FSSAI State trading license or an FSSAI State Manufacturing license.

  • FSSAI Central License - FSSAI Central License is mandatory for business with a turnover above Rs. 20 Cr for Manufacturing or Trading or Storage beyond certain limited as stated by the law.

Documents Required for the FSSAI Registration

For getting an FSSAI Registration, the documents required are:

  • Photo Identity of FBO.

  • Pan card of FBO.

  • Supporting Documents (if any):- NOC through Municipality/Panchayat, Health NOC.

  • Declaration relating to the Business details in Form A.

  • Proof of possession of business premises.

  • Incorporation Certificate / Deed of Partnership / Articles of Association etc.

For getting an FSSAI State and Central License, the documents required are:

  • Form-B Duly completed as well assigned.

  • Blueprint or layout plan of the processing unit (Manufacturing and processing unit only).

  • List of Directors / Partners / Proprietor / Executive Members with contact details as well as photo ID (Corporations only).

  • Details of the machinery to be used for operations (Manufacturing and processing unit only).

  • List of Food categories towards being manufactured (Manufacturing unit only).

  • Authority letter from the manufacturer for the nominated individual with authority.

  • Analysis report of water to be used in the manufacturing of food products (For Manufacturing and processing units).

  • Proof of possession of buildings.

  • Partnership Deed/Affidavit of Proprietorship/MOA /Incorporation.

  • Copy of certificate acquired under the Coop Act (Co-operatives only).

  • NOC and Copy of License from the manufacturer (For labelers and repackers only).

  • Food Safety Management System plan as well as Recall Plan (If applicable).

  • Source of milk and meat (If applicable).

  • NOCs from Municipality or local body.

  • Certificate provided through the Ministry of Tourism (HRACC). (Mandatory for Hotel Only).

  • Form IX.

Additional Document for Central FSSAI License

  • Declaration Form.

  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU.

  • Supporting documentary evidence for Turnover.

  • NOC/PA document issued through FSSAI.

  • IE CODE document issued through DGFT (For exporters and importers).

Procedure for FSSAI Registration

For Basic FSSAI Registration

  • This registration could be obtained by making an application to the food and Safety Department.

  • The application is required to be submitted in Form A.

  • In case the application is accepted or rejected it would be intimated by the Department within seven days from the date of submission of the application and must be intimated in writing.

  • The registration certificate granted through the Department after accepting the application would contain the registration number and the photograph of the applicant.

  • While carrying on the food business, the Food Business Operator must prominently display the certificate of registration at the place of business.

For an FSSAI License

  • To get an FSSAI License, the Food Business Operator is required to apply to the Licensing Authority through the FSSAI online registration procedure.

  • This application shall be made in the food license application Form B.

  • The application must be annexed with self-declaration, affidavit, as well as Annexure as applicable.

  • This license is given for a period of 1 to 5 years as the time limit requested through the food business operator.

  • Higher the period for which license is acquired the higher would be the application fees.

  • The license could be renewed by making an application.

FSSAI Registration Certificate Fees for FSSAI online application

Statutory Fees

  • The fees for FSSAI Registration is Rs. 100/per annum.

  • The fees for FSSAI state license are Rs 2000 to 5000/per annum (State-wise variation exists).

  • The fees for FSSAI Central License are Rs. 7500/per annum.

Penalty for Non-Compliance

The food business operators are obliged to follow the standards set by FSSAI relating to the operations of food businesses. In case the food business operators fail to follow the guidelines as established by FSSSAI, it could attract FBO to be legally responsible for a penalty.

Penalty for sub-standard foodUp to Rs 5 lakh
Penalty for misbranded foodUp to Rs 3 lakh
Penalty for misleading advertisementRs 10 lakh
Penalty for Food containing extraneous matterRs 1 lakh
Food quality not in compliance with the actRs 2 Lakh
Petty manufacturer –  Rs 25,000
Penalty for failure towards complying with the directions of Food Safety OfficerRs 2 lakh
Penalty for unhygienic or unsanitary processing or manufacturing of food

Rs 1 lakh


Registration Process

eStartIndia will help you in FSSAI Registration from the comfort of your home, offering you services that are very technical and as per individual needs.

Get a free consultation for FSSAI Registration with Our Top Rated Experts with simple Registration.

Step 1

Fill FSSAI details as per your requiement

Step 2

Upload or Email eStartIndia your documents for us to generate FSSAI Form A or Form B (2 working days)

Step 3

FSSAI License application along with regular follow-ups with the FBO (10 – 12 working days)

Step 4

FSSAI License procurement (30 days)

Step 5

Congratulations! Your work is done



1999 /-

    Basic Fssai Registration for 2 years

(All Inclusive)


6499 /-

    State FSSAI License for 1 years

(All Inclusive)


12999 /-

    Central FSSAI License for  1 Year

(All Inclusive)


Is an FSSAI license mandatory for importing food items to India?

Yes. Central FSSAI license is mandatory for import or export of food items.

Is an FSSAI license required for manufacturing food additives?

Yes. Trading, distribution, manufacturing or transportation of food products or activities requires an FSSAI license.

Do catering establishments established under the Central Government require FSSAI license?

Yes. All kinds of catering establishments, even if those established under the Central Government in sectors such as Defense, Railways, Airport, etc. require the FSSAI license.

What kind of licenses are required if a food business has manufacturing units in more than one states?

The registered office of the business requires procuring a Central FSSAI license while every manufacturing unit in every state requires a state level FSSAI license.

What kind of licenses are required if a food business has more than one warehouse within a single locality? I

If all the warehouses are within a single locality then a single license can be obtained for them citing the common locality address. However, if multiple warehouses are present in different localities within the state, the separate licenses need to be obtained for each of them.

What are the different types of an FSSAI registration?

FSSAI Basic Registration – Small business with annual turnover < Rs. 12 lacs

FSSAI State License – Medium business with annual turnover < Rs. 20 crores

FSSAI Central License – Large businesses with annual turnover > Rs. 20 crores


Is it mandatory to display FSSAI Logo and license number on imported food packages?

Yes. It is mandatory to display FSSAI Logo and license number on imported food packages and in the absence of these, the imported food items will not be cleared by the customs.

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