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Maintain Accounts & Book Keeping

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Robust accounting practices is a must-have for all business in order to ensure that accurate financial data is provided to Management, Regulators, and Investors. It is a mandatory requirement to submit financial records with various essentials filings, and the same is required for tax assessments. Irregular accounting could thus become the bane of business.

Accounting should be done carefully & consistently, so let us connect you to our network of professionals through our Accounting service, so that you may focus on your firm and be ensured that your records are being kept carefully by an expert you choose.

Reasons for accounting:-

The following are the primary reasons why enterprises should keep good accounting practices –

  • Statutory Compliance – Details of financial transactions are required to be submitted along with various regulatory filings and thus needs to be tracked throughout the course of business.
  • Managerial Decision Making – Robust accounting provides businesses with the financial data required to make better business decisions. Effectiveness of campaigns, product lines, etc. can be easily tracked through good accounting.
  • Investor Green-signal – Well maintained accounts of an enterprise help inspire confidence in prospective investors.

    Registration Process

    eStartIndia will help you to maintain accounts and bookkeeping from the comfort of your home, offering you services that are very specialized and tailored for each individual.

    Get a free Consultation for Company registration with Our Top Rated Experts with a simple registration.


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    Step 1

    Upon signing up for our Accounting service, our business experts will engage in consultations with you in order to understand your enterprise’s requirements and connect you with CAs located close to you.

    Step 2

    Multiple CAs are consulted in order to deliver quotes to you for their service.

    Step 3

    Based on your preference, we connect you to your desired bookkeeper.



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      Maintain your accounts and bookkeeping services with our top-rated Account experts.

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    Why is maintain accounts and bookkeeping essential for a business?

    The law requires account books to record daily financial transactions, as well as the bills of the same. General practice includes compiling ledgers, forming a trial balance, keeping originals and duplicates of bills and so on. However, with online accounting, the practice of bookkeeping has become streamlined.   

    Why should we pay so much for accounting?

    Thorough accounting will ensure that you have financial data to inform your enterprise’s policy decisions and leaves a good impression on prospective investors. Thus, skimping on accounts and having irregular accounts will merely lead to more problems down the road, ones which may turn out to be far costlier than the price of our accounting service.

    Can accounts be computerized?


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