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Trademark Renewal

How to renew a Trademark in India?

Trademark is a unique mark, symbol or label that distinguishes your product from those of your competitors helping in its easy identification. This trademark can be registered and the registration will be valid for 10 years. A registered trademark owner can apply to renew the mark before the expiry of its validity. This renewal will help the owner in extending the ownership over the trademark for another 10 years.

The trademark owner can apply to renew the trademark, 6 months before the expiry of the trademark by remitting the prescribed fee and can also apply after 6 months from the expiry of the mark on the payment of a late fee.

eStartIndia comprises of best professionals who will assist you in the renewal of your trademark. Seeking professional help is important as the expert hands can draft your application in a way to widen the scope of your trademark ownership rights under different classes. Moreover in the process of trademarking and its renewal, keeping a track on the developments with Trademark Registry is important and that will be handled with ease by our agents and therefore reduces the burden of the clients. 

We offer assistance to various services like trademark registration, trademark objection, trademark assignment, trademark renewal, trademark opposition, and trademark rectification.

eStartIndia will help you with all Trademark renewal and other connected services from the comfort of your home by offering you services that are specialized and tailored as per your requirement.

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  • The extended benefit of ownership rights.

  • The existence of a registered trademark acts as an intellectual property which is an asset. Therefore ensuring its validation for an extended period is important.

  • When the trademark is registered for a longer period it acts as goodwill.
  • Non-renewal of the mark will result in its abandonment.


The owner of the registered trademark on his authorized agent can apply for the renewal of the Trademark.


  2. IDENTITY PROOF OF THE OWNER OR HIS AGENT ( Passport, Driver’s license, Aadhaar card, voters ID or ration card)
  5. In case of agent applying for renewal AFFIDAVIT by owner authorizing the agent to apply must be produced.


  • The procedure for renewal can be done 6 months prior to the expiry of the validity, and the owner must begin the procedures as early as possible as the entire procedure for renewal takes time.
  • 10 years of trademark usage brings in the chance of widening the scope of the mark to be represented in various other classes. Therefore a professional can help you understand such widened scope.
  • The owner can apply for renewal either before 6 months of expiry or 6 months after expiry. Non-performance of renewal within this period will result in abandonment of the mark. But the owner can then apply for restoration of the mark within one year from the date of expiry.

Registration Process


  1. The registrar will notify the owner regarding the expiry of the validation.

  2. Once a notice is received the owner can apply before the registrar for the renewal of trademark with the required fee and other document but within 6 months before the expiry of the validity of the mark.
  3. If the application for renewal is made after 6 months from the expiry of the mark, then the applicant must remit late fee along with the documents required.
  4. Non-renewal of the mark within the time will lead to the abandonment of mark. But an application for restoration of Trademark can be made within one year from the date of expiry.
  5. After the scrutiny, the registrar will issue a Certificate of Renewal to the applicant.


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1999 /-

    Price- 1,999 + Govt Fees.

    Package Includes:

    • Drafting for Trademark Renewal Application
    • Filing for Trademark Renewal Application
    • Same Day Filing
    • Free Expert support
    • Trademark Renewal Status Update
    • Govt. fees extra

(Professional Fees)

For Individual, Proprietorships, Registered SMEs and Registered Startups


2499 /-

    Price- 2,499 + Govt. Fees

    Package Includes:

    • Drafting for Trademark Renewal Application
    • Filing for Trademark Renewal Application
    • Same Day Filing
    • Free Expert support
    • Trademark Renewal Status Update
    • Govt. Fees Extra

(Professional Fees)

For Company/Partnership/LLP


4499 /-

    Price- 4,499 + Govt. Fees.

    Package Includes:

    • Drafting for Trademark Renewal Application
    • Filing for Trademark Renewal Application
    • Same Day Filing
    • Free Expert support
    • Trademark Renewal Status Update
    • GST Registration
    • Govt Fees Extra

(Professional Fees)


What is the maximum time one can renew the trademark registration ?

There is no maximum time limit. One can renew their trademark as many times as they wish to.

Which form has to be submitted for renewal of trademark registration ?

Form TM R under Trademark Rules 2017 has to be submitted along with other documents for trademark registration.

Does the application for renewal guarantee extension of validation ?

No, the allowing of renewal is under the discretion of the registrar. After scrutiny, the registrar decides whether to allow renewal or not. But generally, the registrar accepts the renewal.

What are the benefit of renewing trademark ?

A renewing trademark allows extended usage of trademark ownership, improves goodwill and remains as an asset to the owner.

What are documents required for renewal of trademark ?

Copy of registration, identity card, power of attorney, affidavit if required and form TM R has to be submitted along with the fee payment.

What is the difference between registration of trademark and renewal of trademark ?

Registration of the trademark in the initial process of getting the mark entered in the trademark registry which has a validity of 10 years. The renewal is the process of getting this registration renewed before the expiry of validation. The non-renewal of the mark before expiry will lead to the removal of the mark from the trademark registry.

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