12A and 80G Registration for NGO

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12A and 80G Registration for NGO

A non-profit organization or non-governmental organization (NGO), a charitable trust or a Section 8 corporation, are qualified to apply for 80G registration as well as getting certification under section 12A. Both the certifications can be applied together and it can also be completed independently. When an NGO requires towards applying for both independently, then, it requires applying for registration u/s 12A, first. Getting 12A certification is a prerequisite towards applying for getting 80G registration as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What is Registration under Section 12A?       

Any business association, that isn't working for profits, for instance, charitable trust, religious association, Section 8 companies or NGO, can claim a full exemption from income tax. The condition is that these are required to be registered under Section 12A. In this way, it is noteworthy for every single NGO, trusts or association for getting registered under Section 12A immediately after incorporation. In the event that an NGO does not obtain 12A Declaration, it must pay income tax government expense on surplus amid the year. Despite whether the NGO Registration is done as a trust, registered as a society or a Section 8 Company, it is required to look for a 12A certification towards availing the tax exemption.

Without this, the receipts shall be entitled to normal tax rates and the exemptions accessible would evade. The registration would likewise assist in looking for grants from government or associations abroad.

What are the advantages of Registration under Section 12A?

  • Income shall be exempted from taxes.

  • Benefits of taking grants from the Government, Abroad, any additional agencies.

  • Benefits of FCRA Registration.

What is Registration under Section 80G?

80G Registration under Section 80G of Income Tax Act provides benefits towards the donor of an NGO. The donor receives monetary benefits in his taxable sum of their earnings.

What are the advantages of registration under Section 80G?

  • The donor is qualified for availing deduction from its taxable earnings.

  • Attracts the donor towards making a donation.

Document Required for Registration

The documents that are required for registration under Section 12A AND 80G are:

  1. Form – 10A for registration u/s 12A registration dully filled.

  2. Form – 10G for registration u/s 80G registration dully filled.

  3. Certificate of Registration and MOA /Trust Deed (two copies – self-attested).

  4. NOC from Landlord.

  5. Copy of PAN card of NGO.

  6. Electricity Bill or House tax Receipt or Water Bill (photocopy).

  7. Evidence of welfare activities carried out and Progress Report since inception or last 3 years.

  8. Books of Accounts, Balance Sheet and ITR (if any), since inception or last 3years.

  9. List of donors together with their address and PAN.

  10. List of governing body i.e board of trustees members with their contact details.

  11. Deed for verification of Original RC and MOA /Trust.

  12. Authority letter in favor of NGO Factory.

  13. Any other document/affidavit/undertaking information as may be required by the authorities.

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Registration Process

eStartIndia is the professional tech-based online and legal services which help the clients to simplify the procedures of 12A and 80G Registration for NGO, implementation, tax concerns and any additional legal compliances and services related to the business in India.

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Step 1

Firstly, dully fill in the application, which is required to be submitted towards the exemption section of the Income Tax Department.

Step 2

Then the NGO would receive notice for clarifications from the Income Tax Department in 2-3 months after applying.

Step 3

Then a reply of notice is required to be submitted through the consultant along with each and every related and necessary document to the Income Tax Departments.

Step 4

The Consultant then would personally visit the Income Tax Departments to follow up the case on behalf of the applicant association.

Step 5

Then an Exemption Certificate then will be issued.


Where to apply for registration under section A and G of Income Tax Act?

Application for registration under section 12A and 80G could be filed before the Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemption) having jurisdiction over the institution.

Can both the application under section A and G of Income Tax Act be applied together?

Yes, both applications could be applied together or it could be also applied separately. If some organization is willing towards applying both applications separately, the application for registration u/s 12A is required to be applied first. Getting 12A registration is necessary for applying application for registration u/s 80G of Income Tax Act.

When an organization can apply for registration under section A and G of Income Tax Act?

Application for registration under section 12A and 80G could be applied just after registration of the NGO.

What is the timeline for getting registration under section A and G of Income Tax Act?

If an application for registration under section 12A and 80G would be applied through NGO factory, it should take 3-4 months.

What is the validity period of the registration under section A and G of Income Tax Act?

12A registration: no expiry;  80G registration: 1to 3 years validity

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