Refund Policy


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!!

www.eStartIndia.com is accredited for its ability to meet the expectation of its clients against the services rendered by us. We provide the best business and legal services online but in case of any dissatisfaction the customer can contact us and we will address your grievance and avail you refund as per our terms and offer credit that can be used for future orders from our website.

We are thankful to you for availing our service and purchasing our services or products.

Talk to us if you have any grievances!

In case of dissatisfaction with our services, you can write to us at support@estartindia.com.

We make the best of our efforts to avail you of our services most effectively within the prescribed time for each service and product of eStartIndia.com. But under special circumstances, the service rendering might not be prompt and for the dissatisfaction caused, the client will be refunded with the amount remitted for the services and purchase by the client if the following terms are satisfied:

There has to be an explicit, clear and visible deficiency on the part of estarindia.com.

A refund will not be granted if the reason is the decision of the client to have a different choice after making payments as there is no fault or defect on the part of eStartIndia.

Refund will not be permitted if the work has been shared with the client but the client has changed the choice of service but the same amount can be carried forward to avail of different services or purchases offered by eStartindia.com which has the same value.

The refund request will not be considered if the request was made after 30 days of purchase of product or service and the work has been completed and intimated to you via email or any other form of communication

If the request for a refund is approved by eStartIndia then the processing will take 15 days and this shall be intimated to you via e-mail.  EstartIndia shall make its best efforts to credit the amount to your bank account at the earliest possible.


There are many events that are not in the control of eStartIndia like the government’s decision to reject your application due to lawful reasons, hurdles due to the government’s lack of efficiency, etc. Therefore any effect on your service due to government departments or other agencies not employed by eStartIndia will make eStartIndia immune from any liability and no refund shall be granted. eStartIndia does not ensure the outcomes or results of the services rendered by our Associates on the Expertsdesk platform, who are not employed by eStartIndia. Problems like these are out of our control and not covered by us or not eligible for a refund.


For any event of natural disaster like flood, storm,earthquake, fire, drought,lightning, landslide, cyclone, hurricane,typhoon or public enemy like epidemic, action of a court, famine or plague,  or act by public authority like change in law or act by threat to country like explosion, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labor strike, lockout, boycott or similar event beyond our reasonable control, whether foreseen or unforeseen cause any lack of efficiency in the service provided by eStartIndia then such liabilities will not be borne by eStartIndia.