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Payroll Services

Payroll Management

Have our experts manage your payroll hassles for you.


All employers are required by law to maintain an account of workers employed, the amount paid for their services, tax deductions where applicable, transfer of such deducted tax to the government amongst other details such as the number of leaves given to a worker in a month. This is a complex and cumbersome task that requires assistance, as it requires inspection of current and future legislative developments as well as careful recordkeeping. Since such records are mandatory by law, engage us from the moment you hire your first employee so that we can assist you not only legally, but also help your company account for its most important payments – the ones to its employees.

eStartIndia will help you to provide payroll management services from the comfort of your home, offering you services that are very specialized and tailored for each individual.

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Features of the Payroll Service

Our business and financial experts will help you –

  • Structure the salaries of your employees and the agreements of their employment;
  • Maintain records of all payments, tax deductions and other parameters as required by law;
  • Generate Salary Slips for your staff each month.

Advantages of Payroll Services

Here are some potential advantages of outsourcing payroll generation to us,

  • Compliance Level: A well-tracked Payroll from day one is assured to ease the hassles of any documentation that may be required later for compliance reasons;
  • Managerial Data: A well-tracked Payroll assists the management in making financially informed decisions regarding staff related expenses – the numbers can’t lie!
  • Access to experts & documentation: Our experts will ensure that the agreements you sign with your employees best represent your requirements.


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Registration Process

  • You sign up for our Payroll Services, and we put you in touch with our business and financial experts, who engage you in consultations in order to understand your needs;

  • Post consultations, our team prepares an advisory recommending the changes in employment agreements (if any are requested by you) and an action plan in order to facilitate the flow of information from you to us.

  • Once a plan is mapped out, our team of experts is left with the worries of managing your payroll, while you are left free to manage your team. Sign up now!

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