RERA abbreviates for Real Estate Regulatory Authority, which is an act of the Parliament of India endeavoring to ensure the protection of property buyers and dealers while boosting real estate investments. It was established to enhance accountability and transparency with respect to housing transactions and real estate and commitment would recuperate the lost certainty of individuals in the land business. Through Real Estate Act, 2016, the authority has been established in each state for the rule of the land region and moreover went probably as a refereeing body for quick inquiry redressal.

It also ensured that the agents and the developer have equal responsibility and accountability. Therefore, through RERA enrollment for agents and builders, the regulation prescribes certain compliances to moderate the transactions and achieve fair practice in dealing with properties.

There are two centers for the Uttar Pradesh RERA, one in Lucknow and another in the NCR. The Uttar Pradesh RERA Rules were notified in 2016 and the state’s RERA website was launched on July 26, 2017. The head office of UP RERA is in Lucknow and it has a regional office in Greater Noida.

With UP RERA all the prospective property buyers of Uttar Pradesh can visit the website and find all the information about the property they want to purchase. The RERA registration of agents and builders is a mandatory procedure, which can be done by visiting its official site.

RERA Agents Registration

A Real Estate Agent in the heart of the industry. He is one who works on behalf of someone else in matters related to real estate transactions and profited from the expansion of service. As for being an agent in Uttar Pradesh jurisdiction one has to get himself registered in UP RERA. The term agent includes an individual and agent other than that individual which can be a company or proprietorship firm. 

Process of Uttar Pradesh Registration

The process of registration of an agent in UP RERA for the whole of the UP including NCR is all same.

  • Visit RERA Uttar Pradesh’s official website

  • You will be presented with an agent registration page.  

  • Read the following instructions and enter all the details. Fill out the form accordingly, and don’t forget to specify your district correctly.

  • Thereafter attach the required documents.

  • Now submit the required fees to register successfully.

  • Finally, make a declaration of the truthfulness of the application and submit the form. 

Documents required for Uttar Pradesh Registration

A real estate agent requires a number of documents while registering with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Here is a list of documents the agent must keep in hand while making a registration:

1.    In the case of individuals:-

  • Photograph of the applicant

  • PAN card

  • Aadhar card which should be in JPEG/JPG or in PNG format.

  • Educational certificate

  • Address proof of place of business.

2.    In case of firm/society and company:- 

  • Enterprise Detail

  • Photographs of the Directors, partners, sole proprietors, etc. should be in JPEG/JPG or in PNG format. 

  • Educational certificate

  • Address proof of place of business

  • PAN Card of the company

  • Aadhar card

  • GST

  • MOA of the company

  • Certificate of incorporation of the company

RERA Builders Registration

A person who constructs or causes the construction of an independent building, or residential apartments, commercial complex, etc, for purpose of selling, is known as a builder or developer under RERA Act, 2016. As per UP RERA rules, a builder needs to get himself registered as a promoter or under the name of a company on the official website of their authorized jurisdiction.

Process of Uttar Pradesh Registration

  • The applicant must visit the official UP RERA website 

  • Then create an account with an email and password for login as a developer. Remember to specify your authorized jurisdiction. 

  • Go for the online registration option and select ‘register as promoter/ project’.

  • Fill out all the details asked as per following the instruction and attach the requisite documents.

  • Lastly, submit the fees and make the declaration required.

  • Finally submit the form

Documents required for Uttar Pradesh Registration

  • Individual name

  • PAN card

  • Fathers name

  • Occupation

  • Residential proof

  • Income Tax details

  • Audited Balance sheet

  • Promoters official website

  • Income Tax Return

  • Previous project experience

  • Passport size photographs

  • Email ID of builder 

The Validity of RERA Registration

The approved registration will be valid for a period, specified by the promoter for the completion of a real estate project. Also, it will be valid for the period specified to complete a particular project, as mentioned in the affidavit following the application form.

Though there are two offices of UP RERA, one in Lucknow and the other in Greater Noida, still the jurisdiction of approved registration will be the whole of Uttar Pradesh, including the NCR region.

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