The Government of India introduced KAMP to develop scientific temper amongst the students in the field of Science, Technology and Humanities

The Government of India introduced KAMP to develop scientific temper amongst the students in the field of Science, Technology and Humanities

The Government of India introduced KAMP to develop scientific temper amongst the students in the field of Science, Technology, and Humanities

KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS MAPPING PLATFORM (KAMP) was initiated for identifying and promoting gifted and talented young learners in the field of Science, Technology, and Humanities across India.

'KAMP' Platform is one of the major initiative taken up by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS) towards identifying and capturing Scientific and Technological temper in students in order to make 'India -A Global Leader in the Field of Science, Technology and Humanities.

CSIR-NISTADS is the premier institution and a constituent laboratory of CSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, towards providing inputs to policymakers for framing the policy of Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) as well as entrepreneurship.

Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform (KAMP) is also encouraged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s idea of a new India and Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) of Scientific Community and Institutions. 

However, it could be said that today it is the age of science and technological development. In the year 1976, India became the 1st nation to contain in its constitution “Scientific Temper with Humanism” as a fundamental duty of every citizen of the country (Article 51-A (H))

Article 51 A of the Indian constitution which deals with fundamental duties states it a duty of each citizen of India to develop Scientific Temper; (according to clause [h]). It is the Scientific Temperament that assists in developing Secularism, Humanism, and Spirit of enquiry as well as reform.

The Science and Technology Ministry continued to support scientific temper innovations among the people of the nation with new initiatives.

In the last 5 years, funding towards the S&T ministry has been raised by 133%. More than 2 lakh high-school students have been participating in programmes to nurture a culture of scientific innovation, as well as 5,000 Atal Tinkering Labs are conveying practical exposure to students in 3D printing and robotics.

Also, there was an encouragement towards the scientific community to involve in problem-solving for sections like affordable diagnostics, agri-tech, Swachh Bharat, clean energy and digitizing India.

On 10th July 2015, Dr. A. P.J Abdul Kalam Azad, former President of India established ‘Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA)’ for developing scientific temperament amongst school students. The main purpose of this mission, which is under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, is for developing curiosity, rationality, inventiveness, and love for science and mathematics amongst school children.

In 2018, the Prime Minister has formed the Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PMSTIAC). On the reference of PM-STIAC, the PM permitted 9 new science missions ranging from quantum science towards solid waste management.

This year, KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS MAPPING PLATFORM, KAMP is one of the main initiatives which were taken up to identify as well as capture Scientific and Technological temper in students.

KAMP was initiated to identify as well as promote gifted and capable students in the field of Science, Technology, and Humanities all over India. Depending on the algorithm as well as scheme development through CSIR-NISTADS, KAMP will support in recognizing the talent at a primitive stage as well as fostering them in their areas of strength.  

KAMP is required to be implemented in every school across India, aiming students of the age group 10-18, It would assess current levels of scientific temperament in students, would offer an Advisory to students, guardians, teachers and schools on how they could improve on it, and also assists the schools to form an environment to encourage scientific temper in learners through Junior Scientist clubs all over India.   

Through KAMP, students would also be able to partake in India International Science Festival ‘IISF’ 

India International Science Festival would be a groundbreaking event relating to both its scale as well as significance. It shall extend not just to the scientific community but the common individual. There would be a great deal for school as well as college students to study and explore at IISF


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