GST ARN Status

GST ARN Status

Goods and Services Tax or GST has been introduced and applied in India on 1st July 2017.  GST is a single tax system which was initiated by the central government that has replaced a few indirect taxes required by both the State and the Central government. In order to apply for GST registration, you would have an Application Reference Number (ARN).

A GST Registration Application is usually handled following 15 days of use yet you could check the GST registration status online on the official website of GST. One could be able to check the status of the GST registration status with the ARN number

ARN Number

ARN Number is referred to as the application reference number which is generated on the official GST Portal automatically once the GST Registration Application is submitted. GST ARN number could then be utilized for tracking the status of GST registration application until GST Certificate as well as GSTIN is issued through the Government.

Application Reference Number (ARN) is a 15 digit alpha-numeric code, in which:

1.    The first 2 codes are alphabets

2.    The next 2 digits signify the state code

3.    Then the subsequent 4 codes specify Month and Year

4.    Following 6 digits are the unique system generated number and

5.    The last code shows checksum digit

How to check GST ARN Number?

When you have got a GST ARN number, the status of the GST ARN could be checked online on the GST Portal. In order to check the GST ARN status, one must follow the following steps -

Step 1 – One must visit the GST Portal by using the following link https://www.gst.gov.in/

Step 2 – Then you are required to go to Services Go and Choose Registration option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – Then you have to choose the Registration option from the drop-down menu, click on the Track Application Status.

Step 4 – Then after clicking on Track Application Status, you would be redirected to a new page, in which, you are required to enter the Application Reference Number (ARN). After doing so you are required to click on the SEARCH button in order to track the status of ARN

Track Application Status

GST ARN Track Status

There could be 6 different outcomes when an applicant tracks the ARN Status which includes:

•    Form Assigned to GST Officer

This ARN Status shows during when the GST application is assigned towards the GST officer relating to the processing and approvals. However, this status doesn’t imply that your GST Registration application was cancelled.

•    Pending for Clarification

The ARN status appears when the GST officer requests the applicant towards submitting the clarification on the filed GST Registration application. Thus, the applicant is required to submit the clarification on the GST Portal as soon as possible.

•    Clarification Filed – Pending for Order

This status comes when the clarification has been filed by the applicant against the issues escalated by means of the GST Officer. Though, the order for approval is still on hold from the GST officer part.

•    Clarification not Filed – Pending for Order

This ARN status comes when the applicant doesn’t furnish the clarification towards the GST officer within the set time period. Thus there is a probability that the GST registration application of the applicant would get rejected through the concerned GST officer.

•    Application Approved

In case the applicant obtains this status after tracking the status, this implies that the application for GST registration was approved by the GST Officer. When this status comes then the applicant would soon get GST identification number (GSTIN) and the applicant will get the GST registration certificated soon.

•    Application Rejected

This ARN status comes when the GST Registration application has been rejected by the GST officer. Also, when the applicant wants to register under GST, then the person is required to re-submit the GST Registration form.

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