Sale Deed



This deed of Sale is executed on ________ day of ______________ month of _____________ year by Sri./Smt.__________________________, S/o./ W/o.____________________________, occupation____________________, and aged __________ years, residing at_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________(herein after called the SELLER)

In favour of

Sri./Smt.__________________________S/o./W/o._________________________, occupation____________________, aged __________ years, residing at_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ (Herein referred to as the BUYER)

Whereas, the term Seller and Buyer shall mean and include their representative’s heirs, successors, executors, administrators, trustees, legal representatives and assigns.

Whereas, the Seller herein is the sole and absolute owner of the immovable property [DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY]

Whereas, the Seller is the absolute owner, having acquired the property, by [means of acquiring] and [description about possession] [taxing terms].

 Whereas the Seller has decided to sell the said property to the buyer as a gift in consideration of an amount [state amount].

 NOW THIS DEED WITNESSETH that the Seller, on payment of [amount] as consideration made by Buyer hereby sell the property situated at ___________________________together with all the things permanently attached to the property or standing thereon and all the liberties, privileges, easements and advantages appurtenant thereto and all the estates, rights, title, interest, use, inheritance, possession, benefits, claims and demand of the Seller TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the use of the Buyer absolutely but subject to the payment of all taxes, rates, assessments, dues and duties now and hereafter chargeable thereon to the Government or local authorities.

Whereas the Seller hereby agree with the Buyer the following;

 (a) The Seller has absolute ownership in the property.

 (b) The Buyer is entitled to take possession of the property and enjoy it.

 (c) The Seller and his legal heirs have absolutely transferred every interest in the property and shall allow the peaceful possession of buyer in the said property.

(d) An amount of [amount] is paid as the stamp duty for the purpose of purchase by [who paid stamp duty] on [date of payment]

(e) [Mention any tax claims if any and its details]



All the piece and parcel of immovable property

Bearing No.____________

Measuring _______________

Bounded by: -

On the East:

On the West:

On the South:

On the North:

Market value of the property gifted under this deed is Rs. _____________ (Rupees____________________________________only).

The Stamp duty is paid on the market value as computed above.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the seller, as well as the buyer, have jointly agreed to the terms of this sale on the date mentioned above.





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