Freelancer Agreement



This Freelance Agreement (hereinafter termed as “Agreement”) is made and entered into this [date] (hereinafter termed as “Said Date”) by and between {Client}, which conducts business at {Client Address}, and {Freelancer}, the agreement covers the type of work done by freelancer and the followings details of the project.

The details of the Freelancer’s project for Client:

WHEREAS, the Company is undergoing the business of [description of business];

WHEREAS, the freelancer has expertise in the area of [insert description of an area of expertise];

WHEREAS, the Company has now decided to hire the consultants to render their services in certain areas of the business where they have established their expertise;


NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. The freelancers are expected to render services in the area of [mention areas of services], which has to be performed with due diligence and guaranteed up to [mention guarantee period]
  2. The service has to commence from [commencement period], and shall terminate by [termination period]
  3. As a consideration to the service rendered the Company shall remit a fee amount of [fee amount] to the consultants within [time period] through [mode of payments]
  4. [confidentiality clause]
  5. [other terms and conditions]


Freelancer Name                                                                         Client Name

_____________________                                                           __________________


Freelancer Signature                                                                  Client Signature

______________________                                                      __________________


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