The advancement of the corporate sector and the frequent emergence of start-ups and new businesses in recent years have caused a dire need of legal consultants or advisors. Majority of businesses and government organizations prefer to hire legal consultants to avail expertise in matters of employment, HR, labour, securities, finances, taxes, compliances, legal procedures, investment advice and a variety of other such services. The requirement of legal consultants in the corporate era is deemed to be inevitable. This has caused an exponential increase in legal consultants. Both offline and online legal consultancies are available in the market today. However, e-legal consultancy services are being preferred over the offline ones.

Role of a legal consultant

Consulting is termed as an act of providing expert advice to professionals belonging to a specific field. Therefore, a legal consultant acts as an expert providing legal or business-related advice to enterprises or individuals. Key role of a legal consultant is to assist in legal matters, legal documentation, contracts, negotiations, to draft and review legal filings, to advise solutions and strategies for development, marketing and productivity, managing risks, performing legal research and analyzing retirement plans, insurance policies and securities, to manage tax-related issues, and monitor legal and regulatory developments.

What is an e-consultancy?

Lawyers and law firms have dropped the traditional method of providing services i.e., fixing meetings with clients, discussing, negotiating and then proceeding further with the work. Rather, they prefer to offer online services to their clients. This is known as e-consultancy or online legal consultancy service. Lawyers or law firms provide online expertise to their clients while saving time and effort to both the parties. Businesses or enterprises do not have to put in a lot of effort to hire the best legal advisor for them. They can simply check the ratings or reviews of the e-consultancy and seek legal assistance.

Advantages of availing online business and legal consultancy services

With almost everything available online at just one click, nobody wants to put in their effort, time and money by following the traditional offline methods. Similarly, enterprises and especially startups prefer e-consultancy over offline one. Hiring and e-consultancy service has its perks.

1.    Saves time and money- Both time and money are crucial for any business to flourish. Seeking the assistance of offline legal consultancy requires a lot of time since a formal meeting between the enterprise and the lawyer needs to be set up, and the fee of the consultancy is negotiated. If the business or enterprise is not satisfied with the offline legal consultancy, they again have to search for other consultancies and fix a meeting with them. This again requires a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, while hiring an e-consultancy for assistance, one can easily look up online and get multiple options. You can go through the reviews of e-consultancy and choose the one that suits your needs. Also, the fee of an e-consultancy is relatively cheaper than that of an offline consultancy. Therefore, an e-consultancy prevents the business from all the hassle by being time-effective and cost-effective. 

2.    Easy Contracts- Companies and start-ups enter into numerous contracts daily with either their clients, employees or other business organizations. An online legal consultancy serves as an advantage in this case. Most of the e-consultancies offer free contracts to businesses. The templates for various contracts, agreements or deeds are available online, on the website of the e-consultancy. Organizations can fill the necessary details and their contact becomes ready which can be downloaded in few easy steps. While offline consultancies indulge in a lot of paperwork to form various contracts, e-consultancies make it simpler.

3.    Discretion and Confidentiality- Maintaining secrecy is crucial for any business. One of the major benefits of seeking assistance from e-consultancies is that it provides complete discretion and confidentiality. E-consultancies save all the crucial information and data on their online platform that is secured from potential threats. No confidential information is lost or leaked whereas there are high possibilities of breach of confidentiality by an offline legal consultancy. They do not store the information on an online platform but on papers. This can lead to loss of data or leaking of confidential information.

4.    Online legal aid- Any meeting with a lawyer or a law firm costs a fairly huge sum of money. E-consultancies, on the other hand, provide online legal aid. Organizations can simply post their legal questions or any relevant queries online within the comforts of their office and the experts provide a solution. The reason why e-consultancies are being preferred over offline ones.

E-consultancies have proved to be advantageous over offline consultancies in terms of time and cost management, simpler and quicker processes, maintaining secrecy and due diligence and a lot more. There are a plethora of e-consultancies to choose from, however, it is important to choose the right one for any business or organization.


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