What is the target of the drug control office? 

The drugs control office directs assembling and offer of drugs, with the exception of Ayurveda and Unani medication under the arrangements of drugs and cosmetic act,1940. The office likewise grants and renews licenses to merchants and makers of medications including homeopathic medication, cosmetic assembling, endorsed testing research facility and blood donation center 

Wholesale drugs license in India: 

For an organization, merchant, free specialist to be an approved wholesaler drugs vendor they should hold a substantial permit in FORM MO 20B AND FORM NO 21B. The permit should be submitted to or allowed by a singular state authorizing authority. 

A portion of the essential necessity for acquiring wholesaler drugs license are: 

1.    The office or shop ought to be at least 15 square meters. 

2.    The office or shop must have coolers and forced air systems. 

3.    The permit must be conceded to a skillful individual or an organization or entities who has people with a degree of recognition in a drug store from a perceived college 

4.    Once the permit is acquired, it must be obviously shown on the premises 

Documents required for a Wholesale drug license: 

1.    Covering letter expressing the mission statement 

2.    Form no 19 

3.    Declaration structure 

4.    Challan of charges 

5.    Blueprint of premises, tenant contract or verification of possession 

6.    Property assessment receipt 

7.    Incorporation testament, MOU, AOA 

8.    Degree testaments, bio information, sworn statement for the equivalent by a skilled individual 

9.    Copy of Appointment of drug specialist or any equipped individual

10.    Four 2rs stamp 

Method for acquiring a license:

i.    The candidate will enlist through "drugs License" tab of the official site of the Department of Health and Family Welfare https://www.wbhealth.gov.in/or through this connection https://evesoj.wbhealth.gov.in/WBDL/ 

ii. On enlistment, the candidate will be given a client ID and Password for future reference. 

iii. After login candidate will click Apply for New License and top of the application structure

iv. Those candidates need to apply for the retail permit they will choose Retail Button and those who need to apply for the discount permit will choose Wholesale Button. 

v. The application structure contains endorsed connections that will be submitted/transferred online in PDF design

vi. Application expenses are to be paid on the web

vii. On conclusive accommodation of utilization, a framework produced affirmation will be sent to the candidate. 

viii. On got of utilization structure, the framework will consequently advance it the skilled power. 

ix. The skillful power will advance it to the Senior Inspector/Inspector of DrugControl. 

x. Senior Inspector/Inspector of Drug Control will check the structure and lead an important review of the unit and present its report to the skillful power. 

xi. From there on, the able authority will impart its choice (affirmed or dismissal of solicitation alongside remarks) to the candidate inside the recommended time limit. 

xii. Candidate can remove the print from the endorsement/permit. 

xiii. The able authority may ask some extra data from the candidate 

Structures for a drug license for the wholesaler:

(i)    License on Form 20-B is given for discount of Allopathic medications other than those predetermined in Sch C, C(1) and X.

(ii)    License on Form 20-D is given available to be purchased of Homeopathic Medicines by discount. (Structure - 19B) 

(iii)    License on Form 21-B is given for a discount of Allopathic medications indicated in Sch C &C(1). (Structure 19) 

(iv)    License on Form 20-G is given for discount of medications Specified in Sch. 'X'. (Structure 19-C) 

Government Fees for Wholesale drug license:

(i)    Form no 20-B rs 1500 

(ii)    Form no 20-D rs 250 

(iii)    Form no 21-B rs 1500 

(iv)    Form no 20-G rs 500


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