On 7th February 2020, a new bill was proposed in the Rajya Sabha by Shiv Sena MP Anil Desai. The bill was presented by him in order to make changes to the directive principles of the constitution.

This bill presented proposed the idea of adding a new Directive Principle (Article 47A) in part IV of the constitution.

This bill provides for the ‘duty of the State to promote small family norm’.

The bill states that “The State shall promote small family norms by offering incentives in taxes, employment, education, etc. to its people who keep their family limited to two children and shall withdraw every concession from and deprive such incentives to those not adhering to small family norm, to keep the growing population under control.’’ 

The reason being given for the introduction of this bill is the population explosion of the country and the frightening 125 crore population of the country making it the second-most populous country in the world, not far away from China.

As per a report by the UN, India currently has a yearly growth rate of 1.02 percent which is really high in comparison with other fast-growing countries of the world. The country as a whole has a population density of 416 people per square kilometer, which ranks 31st in the World.

Natural resources being limited and with the current population growth rate, it will be very difficult for the ‘future generations’. These resources are also subject to exploitation due to overpopulation and presently, there is a greater need for following the policy of sustainable development. 

This bill was also introduced to support the ‘Hum Do Humare Do’ family planning policy of the government.

To promote this the government plans on rewarding the citizens having two children by offering tax concessions and also providing them with priority in social benefit schemes and school admissions etc. 

The bill is not only being introduced to reward the citizens but this bill at the same time discourages them from producing more children by withdrawing tax concessions being given to them and also imposing heavy taxes and by making other punitive provisions for violations.


The private member bill introduced in the Rajya Sabha seeks to amend the constitutional provision of the DPSP’s given in part IV of the constitution and to encourage the ‘State’ to promote the small family norms and to support family planning schemes previously introduced by the government and also to control the population boom. 


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