''Justice has prevailed # Justice delayed but not denied''

The capital punishments distributed to four men, specifically Akshay Thakur, Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, and Pawan Gupta were executed at 5:30 am on Friday morning at Delhi's Tihar prison. These four men, alongside two others, were indicted for the fierce assault of a 23-year-old clinical understudy on a moving transport the evening of December 16, 2012. Here is a course of events of occasions for the situation :


December 16: The person in question and her male companion board transport from Delhi's Munerka transport stand. Six men, including an adolescent, whipped the male companion and assaulted the injured individual on the moving transport before tossing them two out close to Aerocity. 

December 18-22: Delhi Police capture each of the six suspects 

December 29: Nirbhaya capitulates to deadly interior wounds caused because of the assault 


March 11: Suspect Ram Singh ends it all in Tihar Jail 

September 1: Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) sends the adolescent to an adjustment home for a long time 

September 13: Fast Track Court (FTC) grants capital punishment to every one of the four convicts 


March 13: Delhi High Court maintains capital punishment 


May 5: Supreme Court maintains capital punishment 

November 8: Mukesh records audit appeal in SC 

December 15: Vinay and Pawan move SC for an audit of its decision 


July 9: SC rejects survey requests of Mukesh, Pawan, and Vinay 


February: Nirbhaya's folks move the preliminary court for issuance of executive orders of the four convicts 

December 10: Akshay moves request in SC looking for a survey of his capital punishment 

December 13: Nirbhaya's mom moves SC contradicting audit supplication of Akshay 

December 18: SC rejects Akshay's audit supplication 

December 19: Delhi HC rejects supplication of Pawan guaranteeing he was an adolescent at the hour of the offense. 


January 7: Trial court signs demise 'dark' warrants for every one of the four convicts to hold tight January 22, 2020 (7 am) 

January 14: SC rejects healing appeal of Vinay and Mukesh; Mukesh records benevolence request before President 

January 17: President Ram Nath Kovind rejects leniency supplication of Mukesh; preliminary court issues execution orders again with execution date as of February 1, 2020 (6 am) 

January 25: Mukesh moves SC against the dismissal of kindness supplication 

January 29: Akshay approaches SC with a corrective request; SC rejects supplication of Mukesh testing dismissal of his leniency supplication 

January 30: SC expels healing request of Akshay 

January 31: SC expels request documented by Pawan looking for an audit of its request dismissing his immaturity guarantee; preliminary court delays execution of the dark warrants till further request for a subsequent time 

February 1: Center moves Delhi HC against the preliminary court request 

February 5: Delhi HC expels Center's request against the preliminary court request, says every one of the four convicts must be hanged together; it further guides the convicts to seek after every single lawful cure inside seven days, bombing which the specialists requested to make a move as per law; President rejects kindness appeal of Akshay 

February 6: President rejects benevolence request of Akshay 

February 7: Trial court expels Tihar's request looking for a crisp date for execution of convicts 

February 11: Vinay moves SC against kindness request dismissal; SC issues notification to each of the four death row convicts on Center's intrigue against Delhi HC decision 

February 13: Vinay claims torment in prison, SC holds request on his kindness audit; SC concedes hearing on independent hangings and selects another legal counselor for Pawan 

February 14: SC expels Vinay's supplication against no kindness, dismisses the contention of psychological sickness 

February 17: Trial court issues March 3 execution date 

February 22: Trial court rejects Vinay's request for clinical treatment 

February 28: Pawan documents therapeutic appeal in SC 

March 2: SC expels PIL looking for heading on organ gift by the four death row convicts; Patiala House court expels supplication by convicts for a stay on execution order; Pawan documents kindness request after the dismissal of the therapeutic appeal by SC daily before booked hanging 

March 3: For the third time, preliminary court concedes hanging of the four death row convicts 

March 4: Delhi government moves court looking for the new date for execution for convicts; Pawan's benevolence supplication dismissed 

March 5: Trial court signs execution orders for March 20 (5:30 am) 

March 7: SC dismisses Mukesh's request looking for dire hearing on Monday 

March 13: Vinay moves Delhi HC asserting procedural slip by in leniency supplication dismissal 

March 16: Convicts move International Court of Justice (ICJ); SC rejects Mukesh's supplication to refile healing, benevolence appeal 

March 17: Akshay composes a second leniency supplication to the President after the first was dismissed; preliminary court rejects Mukesh's request looking for suppressing of capital punishment 

March 18: Convicts' guidance AP Singh moves Delhi's Patiala House court looking for a stay on the execution orders on March 18; Delhi HC saves request on Mukesh's supplication asserting nonappearance from Delhi at time of occurrence 

March 19: Supreme Court expels the request of death row convict Pawan against the dismissal of his kindness supplication by the President and looking for a stay on execution; Delhi High Court rejects supplication testing bring down court's refusal to remain execution orders 

March 20: Convicts hanged at 5:30 am, affirmed dead at 6:00 am.


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