Notification on change in details on the GEM Portal

Notification on change in details on the GEM Portal

1.    What do you understand by the Gem Portal?

Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a portal initiated by the Government in 2016, with intent to enable procurement of common use Goods and Services online required by the several Departments/ Organizations/ PSUs. Initiated to ensure transparency, efficacy as well as simplification of the process of public procurement making the process convenient, quick and for the elimination of the middlemen

The portal acts as a means between buyers and sellers registered for facilitating e-bidding reverse e-auction as well as accumulation of demand for facilitating the Government. As per rule 149 of the General Financial Rules 2017, the Government Departments must procure goods and services with the help of the Gem Portal.

2.    What is the significance of the benefits of registration in Gem Portal?

•    Facilitates trading of goods for individual categories of Goods and Services by listing them;

•     Search, compare, select and purchase facility available;

•    Convenience in the purchasing Goods and Services online;

•    Furnishes transparency and easiness of buying;

•    Make certain continuous vendor rating system;

•    Availability of user-friendly system for enabling  purchase, monitor supplies and payments related to goods and services;

•     Easy return policy on dissatisfaction;

3.    What are the advantages for Sellers relating to Gem Portal?


a.    Direct access towards all the Government departments;

b.     One-stop-shop for marketing with minimal efforts and forbids/ reverse auction on goods/services;

c.    New Product Suggestion facility available towards Sellers;

d.     Price could be changed depending on market condition;

e.    Seller friendly dashboard for selling, as well as monitoring of supplies and payments;

f.    Consistent and uniform purchase processes;

4.    How to start selling on the Gem Portal?

a.    The rules which prescribe in this behalf provide that for the purchases up to rupees fifty thousand are authorized to buy items by any of the sellers whoever meets the appropriate quality, specifications within prescribed time and is listed on the portal.

b.     For the purchases above the price-limit of fifty-thousand, the purchasers or buyers are permitted to purchases items from the supplier offering the best quality at the minimum price possible.

Various stages for selling on Gem portal are provided below-

1. Registration of Business-

Any legal entity interested in selling goods or services on the Gem portal or someone initiating a business legally needs to incorporate a new private/public company or LLP if required. 

2. Tax-related registrations-

Applying and obtaining registrations for primary documents like the Aadhar, PAN, and GSTN registration for the legal entity.

3. Linking Bank Account with Business

Further, a bank account should also be opened and maintained for the legal entity so registered.

4. Registration on the GEM Portal-

A Seller or service provider can get itself registered on the portal by registering itself online by providing prescribed documents and the requisite fee for registration.

5. The signing of the Terms and Conditions-

After all required forms to be filled up, GeM terms and conditions need to be e-signed.

6. Initiate the process selling-

Once all the documents are complete, registered, and listed on the portal, the seller can start selling on the portal.

•    Later, on registration, such an entity shall be provided with a login user identification and password on the Gem portal to use the seller account.

•    Once the process of registration and listing of goods/ services is done, such goods/services are presented on the portal for sale and where the buyer can place the order;

•    The contract shall be awarded digitally signed/ e-signed online Contracts in the Gem to meet their requirements including such details on the satisfaction that the contract price is reasonable.

•    On receipt of the Contract so awarded, it would be deemed that the buyer has already received the requisite administrative & financial sanctions from the authority and has sufficient resources evidenced by under the head of accounts in the Contract so awarded. Such a contract shall be administered as per the terms and conditions provided in the contract.

5. Documents Required for Registration are-

•    Pan Card

•    Udyog Adhar 0r Company Registration or LLP Requirements

•    GST Registration (Of Applicable)

•    Bank Account & Supporting KYC Document

•    Identity Proof

•    Address Proof

•    Cancelled Cheque Copy;


With the intent to encourage “Make in India” mission & a self-reliant economy, the Government has taken a remarkable step towards its objective and announced on 23.06.2020. Now, it shall be compulsory for the sellers to mention their country of origin for seller intending to sell his/her goods or services on the portal, which will serve the objective of giving more preference to Indian businesses rather than foreign entities in the public interest of India.


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