Make In India Scheme

Make In India Scheme

Make In India Scheme

On 25th September 2014, this program provided the corporations a push with the purpose of investing money in manufacturing goods in India, henceforth “Make in India”.

The Make in India campaign is an idea of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a structure that contains a group of all the sizable sectors of our economy.

These developments in India are comprised of few major points, they are:

1.    GST has been relaxed the procedural system that was involved in tax and also assisted in decreasing the production expenditures.

2.    Currently, digitization has emerged as an important aspect. The incorporation of the corporation and its survival were made easier by means of a seamless online system. ‘Digital India’ was an additional scheme launched by the government. This scheme received a major high post the Jio boom, encouraging more people to go digital. It has turned the online systems improved.

3.    The new Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has been made strict by a robust restructuring mechanism.

4.    Also, schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana and Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana intended at the financial inclusion of each and every citizen of the country.

5.    The term Foreign Direct Investment has also turned out to be important in the recent past. Liberalization of Foreign direct investment was brought about an increase in the inflow of resources and has also assisted in making India an open economy. The consequences are positive due to job creations.

6.    Connectivity is the main factor to increase businesses. The Sagarmala program and Bharatmala Pariyojana Programme are executing to achieve the same.

7.    Technology didn’t have its existence in rural areas. Though, now, with BharatNet making digital delivery of numerous services across the country is initiated.

8.    India is at Worlds No 4 relating to its capacity to harness power from winds as well as it is at Worlds No 6 in solar power.

Furthermore, the ease of carrying out business is the fundamental aspect under the Make in India scheme which would motivate the businesses to invest in India.

The major sectors listed under the ‘Make in India’ scheme

The standards of classifying the sectors for this scheme have been some choose sectors that see the maximum foreign investment. 25 sectors have been identified in this way and the government assured to offer the push it required in the direction of ensuring that more and more foreign investments took place.



3.Automobiles Components

4.Oil and Gas




11.Construction12.Renewable Energy
13.Defense Manufacturing14.Roads and Highways
15.Electrical Machinery16.Space
17.Electronic Systems18.Textile and Garments
19.Food Processing20.Thermal Power
21.IT and BPM22.Tourism and Hospitality
25.Media and Entertainment 


Programs launched in prominent sectors

Automobiles and Automobiles Components

Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (Fame) and National Electric Mobility Mission Plan are the two major and biggest programs that have been launched in order to promote the production and use of electric cars.


The aviation industry witnessed a huge boom in the number of customers traveling by national airlines. The UDAN program was launched to increase connectivity towards local areas as well. Cargo terminals operating by normal persons were also been introduced in 13 different cities.


Under diverse schemes, the government had focused on furnishing the basic infrastructural services. Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, 1.7 million homes were constructed. Also, in this sector, huge numbers of people are employed with the count presently standing at 35 million.

Electronic Systems
This sector had seen the major surge in many ways as 38 different manufacturing units were launched in India in the last few years, causing in close to 40,000 jobs. 99.56 lakh individuals have registered in the training programs carried out by government facilities.

Food Processing

RBI has categorized loans in the direction of food and agro-based cold chain corporations under Priority Sector Lending, permitting additional cash flow for businesspersons. Thus, 88 out of the 134 cold chain corporations approved are now operational. Additionally, 42 mega food parks are also coming up with nearly every one creating 5,000-6,000 job opportunities, out of which 8 of them are already functional.


India has seen a huge flow in equity FDI inflow.

Renewable energy

India has the largest solar power plant in the world, situated in Tamil Nadu with a capacity of 648 MW. 140% in the solar power generated as well as 34 solar parks were sanctioned in order to make it the next big thing in India.

Tourism and Hospitality

India has raised several ranks relating to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index. There has been Rs 200 billion upsurge in the Foreign Exchange Earnings also. 


It could be said that with so many businesses flourishing and with the possibility of much more development, the ‘Make in India’ scheme was successful in several ways. Though, it is still too far from the step that the government had assured to reach in these many years. The government is required have to come up with additional schemes to make certain that more businesses start investing in India in a vast way. 

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