Lockdown 5.0 or Unlocking 1.0- A way to exit the pandemic Effect!

Lockdown 5.0 or Unlocking 1.0- A way to exit the pandemic Effect!

Lockdown 5.0 or Unlocking 1.0- A way to exit the pandemic Effect!

The global pandemic is rising steeply despite all measures being taken as a result of which the number of affected people in India has crossed the mark of 1.70 Lakh nearly and still life of thousands is under the risk of getting infected.

 Though the lockdown has been quite effective in controlling the amount of risk, it would have involved otherwise in a country with a massive population and limited resources like ours, still, it has affected the economy and increased unemployment in masses. 

Thus, taking a further step towards normalcy and devising a plan for exit from the effects of the Noble Covid-19, the Government of India has announced Unlocking 1.0 providing moderations in three phases and starting the next phase only after studying the effect of the relaxations given in the phase earlier. Also, the Central Government of India has been given relaxations to decide certain matters on its own, after studying the situations in that particular state.

1.    Relaxation in the First Phase-

a.    Reopening of restricted activities & places of worship;

b.    Reopening of hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services;

c.    Opening of shopping malls;

d.    Unrestricted movement of people & goods inter-state subject to the permission given by states;

e.    Relaxations in the curfew timings from 7 pm-7 am to 9 pm-5 am.

2.    Removal of restrictions in Second Phase -

a.    In the second phase, the central government may allow reopening of the educational institutions like schools/colleges/ educational training & coaching institutes.

b.    For which it is possible that the State/UT governments may hold consultations at the institution level with the parents & other stakeholders.

c.    Further, the decision of the reopening will be taken in the month of July.

3.    Allowed Activities in the Third phase- 

In the third and final phase, re-starting the prohibited activities shall be decided by the government in the month of August. The activities subject to permission will be-

a.    Restarting of traveling modes such as metro services & international flights;

b.    Reopening of public places like gyms, swimming pools, sports clubs, theatres, assembly halls, bars, etc.

c.    Reopening of places of public amusement like entertainment Parks, cinema halls, etc. shall also be decided in the third phase in August.

d.    All such events including large public engagement for any social, public, sports. Entertainment, academic, cultural, religious, or any other functions shall remain prohibited until the third phase.

4.    Permission of Unrestricted travel between States-

The central government has allowed for unrestricted movement of persons and goods inter& intrastate adding that no separate approval shall be required for such movements. However, the States shall be allowed to regulate the movement of persons on the basis of “reasons of public health”.

Secondly, the movement of people through passenger & Shramik trains along with domestic travels and movement of Indian nationals stranded outside the country will be allowed unrestricted.

5.    Relaxation in the Provisions of Night Curfew-

The recent order of Ministry of Home Affairs order states that the night curfew shall stand the same and under the orders of local authorities in the area of jurisdiction under the appropriate orders of law, however, the timings shall change from 7 pm-7 am to 9 pm to 5 am.

6.    Arogya Setu App a must for office goers-

The Central Government has ordered the employers to ensure that every employee of the company has the government‘s contact-tracing app Arogya Setu installed by the employees. Also, the district authorities have been advised to install the app and update the health status which will serve the purpose of timely medical attention to individuals at risk of infection.

7.    Extension of Lockdown in the Containment Areas-

However, the restriction of lockdown shall continue in the containment zones till June 30, 2020, and only essential services shall be allowed as before. The responsibility of identifying the areas of buffer zones that are outside the containment zones but new cases are more likely to occur has been given to concerned State/UT governments. 

Restrictions in the containment zones shall also apply to the buffer zones more or less placed by the district authorities. It has also been ordered further that persons above the age of 65 years, or with co-morbidities, pregnant women & children below the age of 10 years will have to stay at home and avoid traveling as far as possible.


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