The competition in today’s life is tough and around 6000 law graduates are graduating each year makes the competition even tougher, since there are not enough jobs in the market. But as per the latest report of legally India, there was an increase of 9% this year when it comes to hiring freshers. Even if you are not hired by a top-notch law firm in India, do not get disheartened as there are many other options that are available and really pay well. 

Law, as a profession is a very vast option for the present generation. The best minds and graduates choose this field and put their mark on the community. Legal work can start with a lawyer in the district court and with colleagues at a law firm. Earnings can range from minimum to maximum income, depending on your experience and skills.

A legal career is not a last resort today as it did was 20 years ago. Today, brilliant minds and young graduates choose this field and make a significant mark in society. A legal practitioner can move from a junior colleague in a law firm to a court clerk. Salaries can range from minimum wage to nine-digit incomes, depending on geographic location, market demand, experience level, practice environment, and employer size, and the job itself. There are some of the most highly compensated legal jobs.


Trial lawyers are the highest paid professionals to date and the salary depends on the location and the most important and the importance of the case. Top lawmakers handling high-profile cases in Delhi and Mumbai. Senior lawyers such as Mr. Ram Jethmalani and Mr. Fali Nariman charge Rs. 25 Lakh + One High Court hearing where Mr. Nariman charges 8.5 Lakh rupees for one hearing in the Supreme Court of India.


IP law is one of the most diverse fields, ranging from patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, etc. This is one of the newest and fastest-growing concepts. As a new phenomenon, most of the victims are in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. If you are started as an IP advocate in these cities there is a promise of continued growth. This is an area of law that is growing rapidly as technology continues to evolve, and mathematically it is among the greatest benefits.


With the increase in law graduates, the tax rate has also become increasingly important. Research-based firms such as Nishit Desai Associates and Lakshmi Kumaran and Sridharan are big names today when it comes to tax negotiations. It is always recommended that a graduate join a tax consulting company in India and gain experience. One can always get used to doing something after acquiring factory building experience. Since taxes are a scam, getting started as an individual physician just after leaving can be challenging, in practice and experience. Tax attorneys work with individuals and businesses to solve tax problems. They help with estate planning, even suing the Internal Revenue Service. They are usually important advisers when someone starts a business or when contracts are required to be written. Although this type of work is not as bright as attorneys, tax attorneys still submit well-paid checks.


Law firm associate is a dream job for skillful young law graduates, but it takes hard work, consistency, and a little patience. Many top firms pay their workers in India very high salaries. Tier I law firms pay 10-17 lakhs a year for new degrees, and if the new ones can praise him at the firm, the salary can range from 80 lakhs to 1 Crore.


Job at PSU is the ultimate dream of a person with little ambition, who is content with a small job, who has no competition and security of mindless jobs. However, as the age of the Indian people is in their 20s so the competition for all the seats in all the seats is very tough. So it helps if you can bet on a good college or university. PSUs hire people through a written test (open the employment newsletter and you will find more jobs with their test schedules) OR by direct employment from campus. The salary is awesome here at PSU with so many rights. It is recommended to choose a law field in the 4th year of your law school (e.g., security law, tax, IP law, litigation, etc.) and work on that only. After selecting a category, start by getting into the firm/lawyers and senior attorneys who only deal with that aspect so that you can hone that skill by the end of the fifth year. This will help you to break up the interview easily and download the job after college if you sharpen it well. Avoid choosing different categories because they will stress you out and you will end up with nothing in hand.


It would not be improper or unreasonable for a person to demand that his work or career be well paid. In fact, the incentive will continue to work well. The Indian population in the legal profession will target about 10 to 20 lakh lawyers, and nearly a thousand law schools, and about five to ten lakh law students across the country. It is because of the previous or final years of the life of a law student where they choose a career-specific subject.

For this generation of new lawyers to get a good salary it would not be hard to find. The hidden experience has a rewarding reward for a growing lawyer. Many legal areas are not yet staffed and are yet to be used by young people. The world of unity has had a profound effect on the legal profession. It continues to play a role in inflation and inflation, which fall into the pockets of all lawyers involved. The only point you need to consider is the prominence and progress in any profession or legal field. Fighting for such competition can guarantee huge profits.


Damini Nagar
B.A LLB from Indore institution of Law

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