INC 22A Active form last date

INC 22A Active form last date

INC-22A Active form last date is 15th June 2019

Who requires filing INC-22A

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, with a wide notification dated on 21st February 2019, has made it compulsory for every company registered before 1.1.2018 is required to file ACTIVE eForm or INC-22A, in accordance with the Rule 25A of Companies (Incorporation) Amendment Rules, 2019.  The due date for filing INC-22A is presently was extended to 15th June 2019.

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The companies which are exempted from filing the form INC22A form last date

The companies which are requiring filing INC22A are the companies which are registered on or before 31 December 2017. The companies which are exempted from filing the form INC22A are the companies whose Financial Statements or Annual Return or both the requirement is pending and they shall not be able to file ACTIVE form, yet with the exemption for under dispute companies which incorporates;

  • Strike off Companies.
  • Companies which are under the process towards Striking off.
  • Companies under Amalgamation/ liquidation or dissolved.


Financial statements generally include the financial information and position of a company at that point. It includes a balance sheet, income statements, statement of owner’s equity, and statement of cash flows.

An annual return is a document that contains details of a company’s share capital, indebtedness, directors, shareholders, changes in dictatorships, corporate governance disclosures, etc.

The documents required for filing the Form INC-22A form last date

The documents that are required for filing the Form INC-22A are the photo of the inside office presenting there at least one director /KMP and the same director would attach its DSC on the form. Also the photo of the external structure of the building of registered office showing the name of the company, registered address as well as GST Number on the board in local and also in the English language.

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Last due for filing Form INC-22A Form last date

The government has mandated the filing of Form INC-22A (Active) and it has to be filed on or before 25th April 2019. Also, there is a fine applicable if it is filed after 25th April 2019 of INR 10,000 or the company may be removed from the Registrar of companies.

Penalty for non-filing Form INC-22A Form Last date

The government has made it mandatory to file the Form INC-22A (Active) on or before 25th April 2019. Additionally, there is a fine of Rs.10, 000 to be levied if the Form INC-22A (Active) is filed after 25th April 2019 or the corporation might be removed from the Registrar of companies and shall be marked as ACTIVE non-compliant.

In case a company is marked as ACTIVE non-compliant, then the company shall not be able to file the forms and effect any following changes in-

  • From SH-7 (Changes in Authorised share capital)
  • Form PAS-3 (Change in paid-up capital)
  • Form DIR-12 (Change in director except for resignation purpose)
  • Form INC-22 (Change in registered office)
  • Form INC-28 (Amalgamation or Merger)

On payment of fine as well as filing of every past overdue return, the corporation shall be marked again as an ACTIVE compliant.

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