How to Register a Company

How to Register a Company

How to Register a Company

The definition of ‘Company’ signifies any enterprise which is formed under the Companies Act, 2013. The procedure of company registration in India relies upon the type of the company, which can be a Private Limited Company or One Person Company or Limited Company or Section 8 Company.

How to register a company in India

As per the law in the Company Act, 2003 for registering any company in India, the conditions that have to be met are;

TWO DIRECTORS: A private limited corporation is required to have at least two directors and at most, there could be 15. Of the directors in the business, at least one is required to be a resident of India.

UNIQUE NAME: Another major requirement is that the business name should be unique. The proposed name must not match with any existing businesses or trademarks in India.

MINIMUM CAPITAL CONTRIBUTION: There is no minimum capital amount for a corporation in India. A corporation must have an authorized capital of at least Rs. 1 lakh.

REGISTERED OFFICE: The registered office of a corporation doesn’t have to be a commercial space. Even a leased home could be the registered office, so long as a NOC is taken from the landlord.

Company registration process

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs administers the company registration process with rules and guidelines made as per the law, which includes;

•    Step 1: An application made for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

•    Step 2: Then one must apply for the DIN (Director Identification Number)

•    Step 3: An application should be made for the name availability.

•    Step 4: Then one is required to filing of the EMoa and EAOA to register private limited corporation

•    Step 5: Apply for the PAN and TAN of the corporation

•    Step 6: Then the certificate of incorporation shall be issued by ROC with PAN and TAN

•    Step 7: Also opening a current bank account on company name is required.

How to register a Startup Company in India

The registration on startup portal could be done only through for the following firms:

•    Partnership Firm

•    Limited Liability Partnership Firm

•    Private Limited Company

The process to register a Start-Up Company in India is;

Step 1: Digital Signature Certificate 

There is an important requirement of the Digital Signature Certificate in a Company. This is the primary step towards the registration. An individual is required to apply for the digital signatures of the directors or DSC. DSC is a valid e-signature on the documents as well as submits online. It usually takes 2 days to obtain DSC after submitting the documents.

 Step 2: INC-29 Form Preparing and Filing

The next step towards Startup company registration India is filling INC- 29 form. This form needs certain documents for its preparation. The documents required for the INC-29 form are:-

•    Director’s Identification Number ( DIN number )

•    Name approval

•    Memorandum and Articles of association

•    Registered office verification

•    Appointment letters and declaration

When an individual prepare the INC-29 form with the necessary documents, an individual has to file the forms for company formation.

Step 3: Incorporation Certificate

After submitting every form an individual would get Incorporation certificate. It is the legal document concerning the formation of a company or startup business.

Documents Required for Registering a Start-Up Company in India 

•    A Passport sized photo

•    A copy of PAN Card

•    Current Bank Statement or Phone or Mobile Bill or Electricity or Gas Bill

•    Voter’s ID/Passport

•    Notarized Rental Agreement in English

•    No-objection Certificate from the property owner

•    Utility Bill for the registered address.

Application Procedure to Registrar of Start-Up Company in India

•    One must log on Startup India Portal https://startupindia.gov.in/registration.php.

•    Enter the Legal Entity.

•    Then enter the Incorporation / Registration No.

•    Then the individual must enter the Incorporation / Registration Date.

•    Enter the PAN Number (optional).

•    Enter the address, Pin Code and State.

•    Enter details of the Authorized Representative.

•    Enter the Details of Directors and Partners.

•    Uploading the necessary documents and Self Certification in the specified manner.

•    Filling the Incorporation / Registration certificate of the company

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