FPO mark

FPO mark

FPO stands for Food Products Order which was promulgated under Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act 1955. Food process order or FPO mark has been issued by the Ministry of Food processing industry which also states the standards for this mark. FPO intends to regulate sanitary and hygienic conditions in the manufacture of fruit, vegetable products. FPO mark is a certification mark which is compulsory for each and every processed fruit products that are sold in India which includes synthetic beverages, syrups and sharbat; vinegar which can be brewed or synthetic; pickles, dehydrated fruits as well as vegetables; squashes, crushes, cordials, barley water; jam, jellies and marmalades, chutneys; tomato items, ketchup and sauces; preserved, candied and crystallized fruits as well as peels; canned and bottled fruits, juices, pulps and vegetables; frozen fruit and vegetables; sweetened aerated water with or without fruit juices and pulp; fruity cereal flakes. It has been introduced in order to guarantee that the food product is manufactured hygienically, as well as specific quality standards are efficiently maintained. For adhering to the quality standards, these food products are required to be manufactured as per the prescribed specifications and guidelines. Therefore it ensures confidence amongst the customers that the food is produced as per the specified quality. 

The important documents that are required to be submitted to the Ministry of Food Processing in India during the time of filing application are;

  • Name of the product or item

  • Name of the candidate

  • Name of the Firm or Corporation

  • Address of the Firm or Corporation

  • Sample of the products

The documents required for obtaining FPO Certification are as follows;

  • A demand draft of thousand rupees in favour of Government of India.

  • Application Form “A”

  • Affidavits

  • Declaration of FPO grade certificate by the manufacturing company

  • Three Years Sales Tax, Central Sales Tax Return

  • Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Corporation

  • List of Machinery and Equipment

  • Pan Number in the Name of Corporation

  • bank reference for A/C Number Of corporation

  • export license number with true copy

  • company registration certificate, 

  • trademark registration number, 

  • proof of possession of the premise, 

  • pollution certificate for NOC certificate,

  • agreements or order copy by the manufacturing company,  

  • Specimen Copy of work done

  • Proof of possession of premises that is, Electricity bill photocopy and Rent agreement

Frequently asked questions?

1.    What is FPO mark?

FPO stands for food process order; it is a certification mark for the processed food industry to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation is maintained by the industry during manufacturing.

2.    When and why was the FPO mark introduced?

It was promulgated under section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act 1955. FPO mark was introduced to ensure that processed fruit products are manufactured according to the specified quality standards and that it can guarantee hygiene to the consumers.

3.    Is it mandatory to obtain an FPO mark?

Yes, it is made mandatory after the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 Act. Every individual who wants to start the food industry is supposed to obtain FPO mark

4.    For which products one needs to obtain an FPO mark?

One needs to obtain an FPO mark for all processed fruit products such as fruit pulps, extracts, juices, pickles, etc.

5.    How can we obtain the license and who is the certifying authority under the Act?

One needs to file an Application ’A’ to the ministry of food processing industries Of Government of India.

6.    What is the status of the Act?

The Food product order 1955 stands repealed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

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