Eating House License

Eating House License


Delhi Police Act requires a permit to be acquired for working an Eating House. A candidate needs to apply for the Eating House License under the City/State Police Headquarters and the Police Commissioner, Licensing-that is the observing power to concede this permit. According to the request for designation of Power gave by the Commissioner of Police, Delhi, the Addl. Official of Police, Licensing, and Delhi is the Registration Authority corresponding to the enrollment of Eating Houses.

Eating House implies: - "Wherever to which people in general are conceded, and where any sort of nourishment or drink is provided for consumption". This permit is given by Licensing Police Commissioner of that city.

Documents required to obtain eating house license

•    Identification proof such as Permanent Account Number, Passport, Voter ID, etc. 

•    Proof of residence such as Passport, Voter ID, Government bank account proof, etc.

•    Proof of tenancy of the land area (proof of ownership or the lease documents).

•    Proof of tenancy or ownership or lease of premise (registered lease/sale deed/rent deed).

•    A Self-attested No objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the premise.

•    A Trade License from NDMC/DCB/MCD/Airport Operator. 

•    The Certification of Incorporation of the companies and LLP.

•    Memorandum of Association of the eating house and LLP.

•    Complete list of Director Names and the current Form 32.

•    The nomination of the decided Authorized signatory on the company’s letterhead.

•    Resolution of the board for conducting business.

•    A copy of FSSAI license/Registration papers.

•    Updated GST registration certificate.

•    A certificate of registration that is issued by the Labour Department, GNCT of Delhi.

•    A Fire Safety Certification that is applicable for eating houses, which seats a minimum of 50 people at a time.

•    The list of all the employees working in the eating house. This includes the food handler details – Name, parentage, and address.

•    A Consent Letter from the DPCC (a provisional license that is provided on the basis of application submission proof).

•    An approved site plan with Fire Safety measure certificates.

•    A Self-attested prescribed Affidavit for issuing a fresh license.

•    One copy of the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

•    Permission from the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS), for having amusement activities like DJ, Live Band, and Discotheque.

•    The Proof of CCTV or surveillance systems that are installed along with at least 30 days of video recording having the details of installation or invoice of CCTV, etc.

•    Photographs of the allocated space.


1.    FSSAI License 

The FSSAI license, also known as the Food License is one of the most important licenses required to open a restaurant. It is obtained from the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India).

Documents Required for the FSSAI License

These are the documents needed to apply for the FSSAI Restaurant License:

•    ID proof and Address proof

•    Valid email id

•    Phone number

•    Affidavit

•    Declaration of Food Safety Management Plan

•    Kitchen layout plan

•    List of food categories

•    Water testing report from ISI approved facility

•    No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owners or the partners

•    Medical certificates of employees

2.       Liquor License 

If your restaurant serves liquor, then procuring the Liquor License is a must.

Documents Required for the Liquor License

Here’s the list of documents required for getting the Liquor License for a restaurant or bar:

•    Documentary proof regarding the legal status of the restaurant or the hotel, that is, whether it is a company, partnership firm or any other type of setup.

•    Proof for whether the restaurant or the hotel is in legal possession of the plot.

•    A certificate that validates the completion of the restaurant or the hotel building.

•    Trade License from the Local authority, that is, MCD/NDMC or such other authorities

•    Certificate of registration of eating house license issued by the DCP.

•    Documentary proof regarding applicant being an Income Tax Assessment and Sales Tax-Assessment.

•    NOC from the state Fire Service

3.        Health/Trade License 

This license ensures that your restaurant stands corrected under the health concerns of the Health Department. It will need around 60 days to be issued to you after your submission of the form and documents.

Documents Required for the Health/Trade License

•    Ownership proof, Rent Agreement or NOC from landlord

•    Three copies of the site plan and layout

•    Indemnity bond for Rs.100

•    Structural Stability Certificate signed by Structural Engineer

•    Power and Water Bills

•    Sewer Connection Proof

•    Letter from Delhi police

•    Water Testing Reports

•    Plan of the Premises

•    Medical Certificates of Employees

•    Proof of Property Tax

•    Lal Dora Certificate, if applicable

4.    Shop and Establishment License 

To run a food business in India, you must register your restaurant under the Shops and Establishment Act. For anything from a food truck to a fine dining restaurant. You need to register your restaurant within 30 days of the commencement of your business.

Documents Required for the Shop and Establishment License

•    Pan Card

•    Identity Proof

•    Address proof of the proprietor, partner or the company

•    Details of the employees

5.    Fire Safety License 

A restaurant must protect their customers from all things dangerous, be it adulterated food products or hazards such as fire. A No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from the fire department is thus required to run a restaurant.

6.    Lift Clearance 

In case you want to install a lift in your multi-story restaurant, you need to get clearance from an inspector from the electricity department as well as the Labour Commissioner of that specific city. The Electrical Inspector issues this license from the office of the Labour Commissioner after verifying the installation of life, layout, safety gears and the like. State wise applications are available for obtaining lift clearance.

7.    Music License 
To play music at your restaurant, you need to obtain a restaurant music license. It is issued by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL). If a restaurant plays music and operates without the said license, they will have to face legal penalties.

8.    Certificate of Environmental Clearance 

Any restaurant is legally and morally bound to ensure that its operations must not negatively harm the environment. Hence, you are also expected to apply for the Certificate of Environmental Clearance. 

9.     Signage License 

You need to market your restaurant well to ensure that your business garners the maximum profit. You need to obtain a signage license from the Municipal Corporation or some local authority for legally being able to use posters, graphics and paintings to market your restaurant in the nearby area.


Step 1:

For initiating the process of obtaining license, firstly Applicant has to obtain user ID and Password by giving request letter in person with the details of the Eating House.

Step 2:

All the information is to be filled precisely for respective application for Eating House License. All the required documents should be uploaded for the purpose. There are numerous grounds for rejection of an application. The licensing authority may ask for any other specific documents if required.

Step 3:

On completion of the application, you are required to meet Addl. Commissioner of Police, Licensing, and Delhi for scrutiny of your application and supporting documents.

Step 4:

You will then need to follow-up with the government department for an update on your application. In case of rejection of your application for incomplete information or Mala fide application with misrepresented facts, the fees once paid will be forfeited by the government.

Step 5:

The government department will take 45-60 working days to completely review your application and to grant Eating House License.



It is valid for 3 years, subject to the validity of trade license possessed by the applicant


In case Registration Certificate is lost, defaced or destroyed, an application can be made to the Registering Authority regarding the same. The Registering Authority may on receiving an application made to him and after such enquiry as he may think fit, issue a duplicate copy of the Registration Certificate on payment.


The Certificate of Registration is liable for cancellation by the Registering Authority for violation of any regulation or Directions issued by the Registering Authority after the holder of certificate of Registration has been afforded a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against such cancellation.
If the operation of the Eating House has been closed due to any reason, the R.C. holder may submit a written request to the Registering Authority for cancellation of the R.C. by surrendering the same.


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