All Restaurants must have FSSAI License Number on bills from October 1st, 2021

All Restaurants must have FSSAI License Number on bills from October 1st, 2021

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on Thursday said that restaurants, food retailers, caterers, and sweetmeat shops will have to mention their FSSAI License or registration number on cash receipts, purchase bills, cash memos from October 1st. The FSSAI is in the order stated that it was also of the opinion that this is a movement to create public pressure, both in the event of unauthorized or not, all players have to obtain a license or registration. 

The food, business ecosystem is large, and the 14 digit FSSAI number of an operator of a food business is not visible, and easily accessible to the consumer/purchaser of the service. If the FSSAI number is not available to consumers, expecting him to complain about complete coordinates is an uphill task. Even the regulators are finding it difficult to trace the origin of a complaint and to respond to it. Any database can be made without having to have a unique code, which, in the case of food, the FSSAI number

In view of the problems, which is due to various consumer, with modern technology it can be a life-saver for many of us. Presently, FSSAI is mandatory to be presented on packaged food labels but the issue lies especially in the case of establishments such as restaurants, sweet shops, caterers, even retail stores. After the approval of the Food Authority, it is now mandatory to declare the 14 digit FSSAI License or registration number on cash receipts, purchase invoices, cash memos, bills, etc by all food businesses.

The only exemption is the GST E-way bills and other government documents which are system generated. Non-mentioning of the 14-digit FSSAI License or Registration number will be a non-compliance or non-licensing by the food business. Consumers can now see whether the food business operator is licensed or not. This otherwise has been a problem as there are many operating without licenses and are causing a challenge to the organized sector with reduced prices of products and lower costs.

FSSAI Number will also enable the consumers to have success to information about a particular food business which is publicly available at FSSAI’s portals. The notice states that “Consumers can visit the FSSAI’s portal and ‘Food Safety Connect’ app for accessing information about FSSAI License or registrations by inputting the 14 digit FSSAI License or Registration number”. The order also says that the FSSAI number will improve the overall awareness of FSSAI. 

The FSSAI number will help you to improve the traceability of food in the future. This is a requirement; it is expected to generate the demand of the public and the press for all the FBOs to obtain an FSSAI license or registration.


The FSSAI is in the order stated that it was also of the view that the move is in the public pressure, both in the unlicensed or unregistered players will have to search for license or registration. "With the entry of an FSSAI license or registration number on the invoice and bills, there will be a rise in the general level of awareness of the FSSAI. It is expected that this requirement will lead to the demand of the public and the press, all of the Operators in the agro-food sector, to obtain an FSSAI license/registration, "The food safety Authority said.

Industry sources said that large organized retail chains and restaurant chains already mention their FSSAI license number on their invoices. “Smaller markets, restaurants, and mithai shops, you will now need to make sure that they have an FSSAI license or registration number will be listed on all invoices and bills,”. FSSAI, she added, is to take it to step by step, to ensure that there are minimal, compliance costs, such as food service companies. The "no transaction is a document that is required. This policy has been developed in order to make use of the existing business practices, and tax law. As such, FSSAI endeavors to ensure that the cost is kept to a minimum and will continue to expand the distribution and publication of your information."

Since the complaint has not been resolved due to the lack of specific information regarding this step, you will be helping the consumers;

•    To submit an online complaint to a particular industry with the help of the FSSAI number. 

•    Consumers ' access to a particular food, which is in the public domain in its social, FSSAI. 

•    As the consumer, you can go to the "FSSAI Portal", or "Food-Safety Connect" app, can access information about the license or registration, FSSAI, you will enter the 14-digit number of the license or registration number of the FSSAI. 

The mention of the FSSAI number should also be aware of to make it. 

In view of the foregoing, the food companies are required to have a 14 digit FSSAI license or Registration number on receipts, invoices, payments, notes, invoices, etc., etc.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been established under the food safety and Standards Act, 2006, which is a combination of many of the acts and orders relating to the question of sheets in a number of different ministries and departments of the company. It is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.

The FSSAI sets academic standards for food products and for controls on the production, storage, distribution, sale, and import to ensure that it is safe and wholesome food for the country, the 130 crore citizens.

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Damini Nagar
B.A LLB from Indore institution of Law

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