Agile E-Form

Agile E-Form

Agile E-Form

What is e-form AGILE?

An e-form which has been notified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) known as an AGILE -Application for Registration of the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) registration plus Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) registration. It is also recognized as e form INC 35.

The AGILE form shall be a part of SPICE Incorporation e-form and consists of three vital registration that is necessary for every business specifically GST Registration, PF Registration and ESI Registration.

Through filing e-form AGILE along with SPICE incorporation form during registration, the corporation shall be automatically registered for GST, ESIC as well as EPFO. It might be noted that in the existing system of filing SPICe, PAN and TAN of the corporation are at the same time issued.

The notification that came relating to this stated that the SPICE would be accompanied by e-form AGILE with effect from 31st March 2019, as notified through the Government.

The new e-form AGILE is also recognized as form INC-35. By means of this e-form, any new registering corporation could apply for GST Registration, ESI Registration as well as EPF Registration together with business registration in Spice Form.

This shall largely benefit many aspiring entrepreneurs who at the present don’t have to deal with different government authorities for a variety of registrations.

The effective dates for applying for registrations through e-form AGILE are:

For GSTIN: 31st March 2019

For EPFO: 8th April 2019 

For ESIC: 15th April 2019

Application of GST Registration Through E-Form Agile

An entrepreneur who wants to set up a corporation through SPICe e-form having a registered office address has at present has the option of filing for GST registration through the e-form AGILE. Aside from this, the entrepreneur now also has the choice of getting an Establishment code from EPFO and also obtaining an ESI registration with this e-form. Though, only those entrepreneurs have the choice of filing the e-form AGILE have opted for corporation formation through the SPICe form.

Corporations Which Can't Get GST Registration Through E-Form Agile

There are some categories of applicants that could not get GST registration through e-form AGILE, which are:

•    TAX Deductors under GST

•    TAX Collectors under GST

•    Input Service Distributors

•    SEZ Traders

•    Factories which intended to apply for PF registration

The above categories of applicants shall continue to follow the existing procedure of registration by means of their respective Common portal of registration.

Is it compulsory To File E-Form Agile?

The corporations that aim to be incorporated through SPICe form is required to fill the e-form AGILE, and it is compulsory for them. It is not obligatory to apply for GST registration, PF registration, and ESI registration while filing an e-form AGILE by a business. However, filing Form INC-35 (AGILE) is compulsory along with SPICe form. The main place of business for GST application would be the registered office of the proposed corporation as provided in SPICe. Also, the same state as well as district is required to be selected in the AGILE form in which the registered office of the proposed corporation is established and is entered in SPICE form.

Applying For Good and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) Through E-Form Agile

Any entrepreneur, who wants to incorporate a corporation through SPICe form could apply for GSTIN through e-form AGILE. A linked e-form AGILE is attached along with the application (SPICe) for the incorporation of the corporation to get GSTIN accompanied by other applicable forms. Only a corporation that was established by MCA through SPICe application would have to follow this procedure.

Details of Proposed Directors in Agile Form

The class, category or sub-category furnished in SPICe e-form forms is the base for the details of the proposed Directors that shall be entered in the AGILE form. The number of Directors would be 1 for OPC, 2 for a private corporation, 3 for a public limited corporation and 4 for a producer corporation. The details of a proposed Director furnished in AGILE form must match the details for the same individual as mentioned in SPICe form.

Signing Off the Agile Form

The Director should sign the AGILE form. The AGILE way must also be approved through the Director, who has signed the SPICe e-form. The same Director must also sign both the SPICe form as well as the AGILE form.

How is the GSTIN received?

When a corporation is integrated at the MCA portal, and the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) as well as PAN was generated successfully, the pertinent information is forwarded towards Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) for processing of the form.

A Temporary Reference Number (TRN) in addition to Acknowledgement Reference Number (ARN) is generated and displayed on the MCA portal when the data is successfully validated.

The GSTN would send GSTIN / Rejected status on the mobile number and email of the authorized party for approval/rejection.

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