7th Pay Commission recommendations and Hike in salary

7th Pay Commission recommendations and Hike in salary

The Hike in salary 7th Pay Commission beyond 7th Pay Commission recommendations

The BJP-led NDA came back to the government with a huge majority of 352 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP itself has won 303 seats without any alliance.  Narendra Modi sworn in as the Prime Minister for the 2nd term, in the presence of 8,000 guests which include eminent world leaders, dignitaries, politicians, celebrities, and industrialists, in the swearing-in ceremony, held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, on 30th May 2019, Thursday

it is brought a fresh hope for the Central Government employees to who were expecting a salary hike beyond the 7th Pay Commission recommendations by this second term of Modi government. They have been requesting, for quite a while, a hike of Rs 8000 as well as an increase in the fitment factor up to 3.68 occasions.

Nirmala Sitharaman has been appointed as the new finance minister in this 2nd term of the Modi Government. After Nirmala Sitharaman held the office of the Ministry of Finance, the Central Government employees, who are requesting a hike in minimum pay as well as fitment factor beyond 7th Pay Commission recommendations, have once more become hopeful of an increase in their salaries

The Central Government employees were requesting a hike of Rs 8000 in the minimum pay as well as an increase in the fitment factor up to 3.68 times beyond the 7th pay commission recommendations. The minimum pay of Central Government employees, as of now, remains at Rs 18000 and they need the addition of Rs 8000, after which it would rise at Rs 26000.

However, before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls announcement, the Central Government had announced a 3% hike in the Dearness Allowance (DA) and Dearness Relief (DR) for workers as well as pensioners. This move was followed by the governments in at least five states.

Previously, the government was thinking about the issue and was additionally in discussion with the senior authorities in regards to the demands of the employees.

as of late, for the government employee who has got a higher education degree in their services, the government announced a five-fold increment in the incentives The eligibility criteria to claim such incentives are. Reportedly, a one-time incentive of Rs 25,000 could be claimed by Central Government employees who pursued after a PG Degree or Diploma course of duration one year above or equivalent under the latest 7th Pay Commission recommendations.

The Central Government employees who have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent certificate would be given Rs 30,000 under the government’s 7th Pay Commission latest recommendations.

Additionally, the individuals who pursue a PG Degree or Diploma of duration one year or less or equivalent would get Rs 20,000 as incentives.

There are additional incentives of Rs 15000 for Central Government employees who have a Degree or diploma of more than three years in any subject as well as Rs 10000 as incentives for the individuals who acquire a Degree or diploma of duration of three years or less or equivalent.


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